Feel like a celebrity and walk away transformed!

Who doesn’t love a good VIP Day? Let’s spend the day together and transform your life. Think of it as an alternative spa. You can visit me, fly to me, or we can hang out virtually, and we will spend the entire day from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM redesigning your life to be anything you want it to be.

After a day with me, you will:

  • Feel clear and passionate about your dreams and confident in your ability to bring them to life.
  • Be able to implement powerful actions into your daily life to bring these changes in. Each action will be one that is realistic to your life, and the implementation strategy will be one that you will feel confident in your ability to accomplish
  • Breathe life into your dreams, and breathe confidence into your soul
  • Feel confident, fierce, powerful, and successful
  • Know that no matter what you want, you have the ability to own it.

How It Works

You can visit me in person or we can spend the day together virtually through a Zoom video conference call. We will get together at 9:00am  to start our day, and it will end at 2:00pm. We will get lunch and spend time getting clear on your inner most dreams, passions, and desires. Once you know exactly what it is you want in life, we will create a potent strategy to get you that dream life. The strategy will be crystal clear, and realistic for you to implement into your everyday life.

I will teach you powerful tools while you are with me, including visualization and meditation techniques and meditations that we will practice during our time together. These strategies will lay the foundation for all of the mindset work you will need to make your desired life changes. I will also provide you with many of my other tools to help you make changes that are effective and lasting. You will leave with pure courage in your ability to have your dream life, trust me.

Why Choose Me?

Can I tell you a secret about me? There used to be a time I was rather timid, shy and anxious. I knew I had the answers to many
questions and the solutions to obstacles, however I was too timid
to admit it! I felt I was not good enough, or got stuck on the “who
am I to…?” questions. Even though I knew I could make a change, I had way too much anxiety to actually make one!

Back in the real estate and finance industry, my boss took me
under his wing. He truly believed in me, and he gave me large
responsibilities to prove it. At first, I was nervous, but I always
took them on. Anytime I felt like I wasn’t enough, or started
questioning “who am I to…?” I would borrow his belief in me until I
felt that I could truly believe in myself.

I personally understand how powerful it can be to be in the
presence of someone who totally believes in you. And guess
what? I totally believe in you! If you come spend the day with me,
I will give you my belief and courage in you and you will leave
feeling that renewed sense of spirit that goes along with that type
of passionate and powerful emotion!

So, Is It a Date?

If you are ready to make powerful life changes, I will let you borrow my courage and belief in you, and create a potent strategy and implementation plan to take you to the next level, then let’s get together! I would love to take you out to lunch and show you just how easy it can be for you to start living your dream life right now! Plus, you can catch a glimpse into mine to see how serious I really am about all of this! Is it a date? Great! Here’s what’s on our itinerary:

  •      Hang Out from 9:00am – 2:00pm (time can be modified in some situations)
  •      Explore Your Dreams and Passions
  •      Uncover Your Purpose and Potential
  •      Have Lunch Together
  •      Create a Powerful Strategy for Your Brand New Life
  •      Learn Effective Implementation Methods for Your Strategy
  •      Practice Powerful Visualization and Meditation Practices
  •      Let You Borrow My Potent Belief and Courage
  •      Get Your Questions Answered

·      Release Your Limiting Beliefs and Negative Emotions