My passion is to speak to audiences and draw forth and inspire
their passions, and I challenge the audience to think of what’s
possible and give them tools to make it happen! My vibrant
intuitive personality, style and attention-grabbing topics work
together to make our events a success!

Just a few of the groups I have worked with:

  • Crowds of 10 people to 2000 people.
  • Hospital staff at the VA Hospital in Las Vegas
  • Nursing students from Grand Canyon University in Arizona
  • Real Estate and Mortgage Industry Professionals
  • Women’s Leadership Conferences
  • Network marketing events and
  • Everywhere in between

When on the stage, or live stream, listeners can be certain that
they are going to learn powerful information and tools that can
completely transform their lives in a matter of minutes.

While the specific content is completely customized to each and every unique event, you can be certain that your audience will learn powerful tools to not only create dreams but to bring them to life!

I can help teach groups to:

  • Protect themselves against environmental stressors using magical mindset techniques,
  • or encourage your audience to feel refreshed and rejuvenated about their lives and dreams.
  • Create motivation and increased productivity.
  • And much, much more.

Regardless of the intention of your engagement, I know just what to say to change lives. With my captivating topics, vibrant personality, and magical mindset techniques, you can be sure that I can help make your event a major success.

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