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I know it can be scary to take a leap when you’re already doing well in your career. But, don’t you deserve to live a life filled with financial freedom and passion, magic and excitement? It’s about time you call it quits on the struggle and grind and learn exactly how you can lead a passionate life while earning an income that reflects your prosperity. You don’t need to know exactly what it is yet, or how it’s going to work. All you need to know is that you’re ready to take your life and/or your business to a whole new level. Those long days of being told what to do and having your future determined by someone else are ready to be long gone, and I’m just the person to show you how.


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When I first began working with Carine I was a day laborer for a Las Vegas landscape company. While I thought I was in a great position for security and opportunity, it was nothing compared to what I could achieve with a little polishing. Carine helped me grow into a rounded representative of the company, and within a few years I was recognized as “The Most Improved Production Manager” for our company in 2007. With her careful advice and direction I soon became a business executive that was earning an income in the top 1 top 1% of all wage earners in the country. While I am no longer earning a living in that industry, with the skills I learned and the management tools she helped me acquire I am still earning and performing at the top of my company and setting a foundation for long term financial security for my family.


Before working with Carine I knew I had potential. Today I know what that potential is and how to use it. Working with Carine has enhanced my ability to increase my income and believe in myself. No words can describe how it feels except gratitude.

Carine has an infectious enthusiasm for personal and professional growth, and her results are unparalleled.


“Carine Werner has been instrumental in guiding me through my self limiting beliefs and into a new found personal freedom.”

-Renee J

“Carine helped me to define my ideal client, not just ‘who’ they were but what they are really looking for. Who I want to work with and help. That has made a HUGE difference in my business. I know exactly who I want to work with, and I’m working with them! Knowing who to market to and how to ‘talk’ to them had changed how I market and who I’m attracting.”


“A brilliant mind and ability to pull together people’s purpose into a a way that works for them not against them.”

-Deedra M.