About Carine...


Carine Werner

Hey, I’m Carine Werner – you can call me Carine!

I’m a dynamic businesswoman who knows how to leave an impression.

I have created multiple six-figure businesses, helped hundreds in the coaching industry, and hosted hundreds of workshops to help people transform their lives. I am married to the man of my dreams, who I met as a result of using my formula for success and clarity practices that I teach in my business. Together, we have three beautiful children. I am always on the go, as one of my sons is into football, and my youngest is on the genius spectrum and oldest is in college. When I’m not with my family, I’m probably doing hot yoga or walking with my friends. Also, I love to have fun! I know how important it is to lead a life that you are passionate about and that lights you up.

I have an extensive 22-year background in personal development. This background has led me to be able to coach others in discovering their purpose and turn it into a highly successful business model. I lead by example, so you know I don’t just talk the talk. I walk the walk, and I teach it, too. You can be certain that when you walk with me, you’re never walking alone.

It is my passion to assist people in shedding themselves from limiting beliefs and lifestyles and stepping into a life filled with magic and freedom. I help people live a passionate and enjoyable life that comes from a mindset of positivity and prosperity. You are ready to step into control of your thoughts and your future and discard the feeling of being a victim of your circumstances. You are ready to live purposefully, passionately, and magically. I can tell. The best part? The world needs your passion. It is basically your duty to follow your purpose and leave your mark here on this beautiful green Earth.

I know it can be scary to take a leap when you’re already doing well in your career. But, don’t you deserve to live a life filled with financial freedom and passion, magic and excitement? It’s about time you call it quits on the struggle and grind and learn exactly how you can lead a passionate life while earning an income that reflects your prosperity. You don’t need to know exactly what it is yet, or how it’s going to work. All you need to know is that you’re ready to take your life and/or your business to a whole new level. Those long days of being told what to do and having your future determined by someone else are ready to be long gone, and I’m just the person to show you how.

If you are tired of being chained to a successful life that fills you with emptiness, then I am the rock of confidence that you need to stand behind you. As I always say “if you want to jump, I’ve got the parachute.”. When it is time for you to make some serious transformations and reclaim your life, you need someone like me to help passionately and powerfully guide you through those changes.

Believe me, I have helped hundreds of people make serious life changes. I have people from all walks of life. In my past, I have helped women leave unsafe marriages and regain control over their lives so they could land their dream jobs and restore their self-confidence. I have also helped people transform their income from $1500 a month to more than $200,000 every year. I am dedicated to helping anyone who needs assistance by giving them a confidence boost and showing them exactly how their passion and purpose can become their very own six-figure income.  

I’m the rock you’ve been looking for to turn your passion into a successful business model. My motto is “you bring the dream, I’ll bring the courage, and that’s exactly how I work. After all of the success you’ve earned in your life, don’t you think it’s time to enjoy some of it?